Kindred Spirits - hope and celebration

An emotion hidden
in every shade
In plain sight
secure and safe
A certain eye
without fail
Sees through
the natural veil
A celebration
of a known face
Kindred spirits
unexpected ways

This poem is written in response to dVerse: MTB Synesthesia.
It's a celebration of how we see things differently and how despite the differences, we find similarities.
The inspiration of these words, besides the writeup on dVerse and the embedded videos in it, is this song by one of all time favourite artists, Satinder Sartaj:


  1. So many beautiful colors flow through this song! love the white dove! Well done.

  2. This was an excellent post I enjoyed reading it in the song was great!

  3. I like this best:

    Kindred spirits
    unexpected ways

  4. It sometimes takes more than one person to see the colors.

  5. Perfect illumination of the term.


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