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The fluid lessons

The tranquil sound of rain a few lonely lights And the wind having travelled far, brings the sound of a horn The water pouring on my face makes me feel peaceful inside this water that has travelled a long distance; this water that has lived many lives     Source This water convinces me that life must go on This water that now lies at my feet was once at the highest heights; this water has seen the most beautiful of all sights But in its exotic journey it has understood the grey moods of life This water has conquered great barriers At times, had to gracefully bow This water knows that life in its essence teaches you to endure © Nimi Arora

Memories or stories?

The momentary attachment and lasting memories  Maybe that’s the reason human life is never sorrow-free. Thinking of those times after times past makes one regret having had such silly feelings Love of yesterday labeled craziness today Will I think of these memories as mere stories someday? Image Source

Sun Dear... A summer plea

Feeling hot, hot, hot seems the mantra now Forget a song Can't even hear a meow. Calling to you, Sun Dear! Uncomfortable heat Smelly colleagues Even in AC rooms no respite indeed. Listen to me, Sun Dear! All this money in my purse Can't go out This heat's a curse. Appealing to you, Sun Dear! Drip, Drip, Drip My sweaty neck And then the back What the heck. I am melting here, Sun Dear! I can feel myself cooking going hiss, hiss, hiss A good sunny day doesn't refer to this. No more havoc please, Sun Dear!