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My soul

A part of you
that resides in me
My consciousness
I like to believe

I often wonder though
about the ones who abuse
Give pain to others
I can't imagine much worse

Where's this part of you
in that malicious one
Fate, Karma, I get, God
Evil by part of you, No

Agony of body transient,
Only answer I can think

©Nimi Arora

Prompt by and Shared with-


  1. Agony, indeed, may be the cause. But knowing the cause doesn't help us find a solution. My soul also yearns for change.Soon.

  2. Where's this part of you
    in that malicious one

    A good thought to ponder on...

  3. We are a scary species Nimi. I do hope good might prevail - but fear it will not.
    Nevertheless, fingers crossed.
    Anna :o]

  4. "Agony of body transient,"...Thank God that this is true but this pain is a part of life's journey too. So well put.

  5. I am astounded at the wanton and apparently unfeeling cruelty surfacing these days. There seems to be no code of conduct for many. Having watched us come so far, at my age it is hard to see us being set back fifty years.


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