Life - a Tapestry... Haiku

The prompt of Carpe Diem # 524 is 'Tapestry'.
Life is beautifully compared to Tapestry, which inspired me to write this...

Tapestry of Life (Source)

each moment woven
threads of pleasure and struggle
Tapestry of life

emotions galore
various colours and shades
Tapestry of life

rotting with time
tapestry of life -

Back when, life didn't seem to be a constant race against time, I had embroidered a small wall-hanging (using one of those easy stitch kits). When I read of Tapestry, I instantly thought of my one and only embroidered masterpiece hanging importantly at my aunt's shop. Every time I visit her, the wall-hanging takes me back in time... momentarily...

 hanging by a thread
deserving a passing glance
my moments of leisure

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Carpe Diem #524, Tapestry