Geeli Mitti - haiku

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'Geeli Mitti' (गीली मिट्टी) is a hindi phrase which, if translated literally into English, means 'Wet Mud'.

'Wet Mud' can't convey what I want to express. What I actually refer to is 'Petrichor' - the pleasant smell after first rain.

'Geeli Mitti' is the soothing fragrance that hangs in the air and encompasses the senses just after the rains.

There's a playschool near my house named 'Geeli Mitti' and just reading that name brings back nostalgic memories of playing in the rain, enjoying the sweet aroma after the rain stops and the carefree happiness of childhood.

'Geeli Mitti' is also reminder of the temptation to leave the classroom and go out to play during monsoons...

looking out the window
Childhood calls

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