Burning Ornaments (Sagichoo) - Fire Festival

Carpe Diem #649 is about Burning Ornaments (Sagichoo).
Sagichoo is a Fire festival and it's a kind of closure for the New Year's season. During these fire festivals around 14 and 15 of January, the New Year decorations are burned, for example the ritual ropes.

A few days back, the Carpe Diem prompt (First Market - Hatsuchi) mentioned Daruma Dolls. A prompt I didn't write about, but I was so fascinated by Daruma and the rituals of Daruma that I read quite a bit about them.

One of the rituals of Daruma is the Daruma Kuyo. According to the information I found on wikipedia, at the end of the year, all the Daruma are brought back to the temple they were purchased from for a traditional burning ceremony. This ceremony, called the Daruma Kuyo, is held once a year, usually right after New Year's Day.
All of the old Daruma figures are burnt together in the temple.

Sagichoo (Burning Ornaments)

engulfing past
brightly embracing all
- flames cuddle

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Carpe Diem #649, Burning Ornaments (Sagichoo)