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Fear - Quadrille

What worse is possible?
I fear these words
I have heard them often
When they were in pain
When they’d lost a lot
They said they’d lost all
I know of worse
I’ve heard stories
And tons I don’t know

Much worse is possible

©Nimi Arora

Prompt by and Shared with-
Quadrille #37 - Be Not Afraid


  1. There may always be something worse. That realization may be the gift that helps those suffering out of their pain.

    1. I agree, Frank. It is the realization that encourage us to move on. Thanks

  2. Good point. I find myself grousing about something insignificant sometimes and then see someone or an article that helps me realized how very blessed I am and my complaints seem pathetic. Thanks for joining in, Nimi. Google won't let me comment using my wordpress blog. Victoria Slotto

    1. Hi Victoria. Thanks for your comment. I agree that one does complain and then has to remind oneself of 'platitudes' like 'count your blessings'.
      As for the google and wordpress issue, I am bad at all this. I have just chosen the easiest way I could figure to put my words out there. I hope it doesn't discourage you from coming back :)

  3. Good poem. Much better is always possible also.

    1. Thanks Mary. And I love your positive outlook. Thanks again...

  4. Ah! Your poem makes me Tremble for some unknown reason. Much worse is possible! Well done!

    1. Thanks, jp. When I thought of what I fear most, I thought of this. The routine worldly stuff is different, but this is the essence of my actual fear, I fear...


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