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Owl Post - Haiku

Sirius advice dropped in pumpkin juice Owl Post ©Nimi Arora A prompt of 'Post' on Harry Potter's Birthday and this is what happens :) Prompt by and Shared with- Haiku Horizons

Water's faith - Haiku

falling again hoping to rise above water's faith ©Nimi Arora Waterfall ( Image Source ) (I have been told that many a time my haikus don't make sense.  So I will try to explain to them when possible.  And I would love feedback too. Are they really so difficult to unravel? As for this one, I started to write about a waterfall. Thought of writing a haiku about a hiker and a waterfall. I did write that one but will share it another day. I liked the thought of water having faith in its' destiny and being happy with falling, hoping that it will finally rise up and meet the creator. Water does rise - evaporate, but it is a cycle. Is it possible to break this cycle? Is there some water that found a safe haven and got a break from the difficult pattern? ) Prompt by and Shared with- Carpe Diem Time Travel #4 Basho's shadow diary