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Lonely crowds

A troiku inspired by a haiku of Matsuo Basho, guided by Chèvrefeuille of CDHK:
people in the world
hardly notice these blossoms
chestnuts by the eaves

© Basho (Tr. Tim Chilcott)
people in the world Ah! looking through one another Lonely crowds
hardly notice these blossoms the lovely fragrance of individuality painted with the same brush
chestnuts by the eaves quietly observe the rush of humans nut's eye view

© Nimi Arora
(Ok, I realize I have gone a little crazy on this one. Crazier than usual, that is. The haiku by Basho is about people not observing the random beauty of nature that they are surrounded by. I made it all about people not 'seeing' one another, and then ended with chestnuts seeing us from their elevated viewpoint)

Prompt by and Shared with: Carpe Diem #1674 Troiku Month (3) chestnuts by the eaves

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